About Me

Following an early career in mental health in the UK, I was a school psychologist in the Victorian Department of Education until 1990 when I took up an appointment at the University of Melbourne.

There I was responsible for co-ordination, course development, instruction and supervision of Masters and Doctor of Educational Psychology students.

In 2013 I was elected  Vice President, Oz Child
In 2014 I was elected  President, Oz Child

In 2014 I joined:
* Positive Education Research Advisory Group, Geelong Grammar School
* School Council, King David School

During the period 1990-2015 I have:

  • presented at 140 National and International Conferences, including 17 keynoted
  • conducted workshops and consultancies
  • co-supervised PhD theses, Masters and Doctor of Educational Psychology Research Theses.
    Many of these theses have been professional practice oriented.

During this period I have also produced individually or collaboratively:

  • 15 books (some in Italian and French editions);
  • 4 psychological tests (some in Spanish and Slovenian editions);
  • 26 chapters in books
  • 32 papers in refereed international journals and 56 refereed papers in Australian journals,
  • 26 published conference proceedings and
  • 28 articles in professional journals

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