What I Do

Focus on coping skills to help people:

  • live a more fulfilled satisfying life,
  • develop ways to succeed in their workplace, their relationships, their studies,
  • parenting consultancies – tailored programs and individual program presentation and supervision


  • seminars;
  • workshops;
  • short courses;
  • keynote addresses;
  • targeted talks;
  • consultancies

Workshops and Presentations

Parenting Program             Families Coping
This program is designed to support parents with practical and easy to implement strategies on how to raise happy, confident and respectful children. Each session will include a theoretical introduction followed by a range of examples and activities that parents can apply within the home. Real-life examples relevant to the participants are a feature.
A comprehensive manual is provided.

“The parenting program has helped me immensely & has really changed the way I interact with my sons – and my husband too!”

“The program has given me lots to think about & reflect on, as well as some great new strategies to try.”

“The five sessions have provided me with more tools – happier parent … happier child.”

“I am enjoying parenting more”

Workshops for Psychologists

Workshops for psychologists and other practising professionals.


For more details of these see: Workshops