Erica Frydenberg

Erica Frydenberg is an educational, clinical and organisational psychologist who has practiced extensively in the Australian educational setting, before joining the staff of the University of Melbourne, where she is a Principal Research Fellow and Associate Professor in Psychology in the Melbourne Graduate School of Education.


  • AM Order of Australia
  • Honorary Fellow of the Australian Psychological Society
  • PhD. School of Education, La Trobe University
  • M.A. Psychology, Chisholm Institute of Technology
  • Dip.Clin.Psych. La Trobe University
  • B.A. University of Sydney
  • Dip.Ed. Sydney Teachers’ College
  • Graduate Australian Institute of Company Directors
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Coping in Good Times and Bad
Due August 2022 – Reserve your copy

This book from Melbourne University Press sets out to be accessible to a wide readership of adults and young people and provides a template for leading a happy and successful life in an ever changing world.

What others say about the book:

‘Whether it’s the stress of our jobs, family life, or a global pandemic – we all need to learn strategies and new, creative ways to build resilience and cultivate fortitude. That’s why this book is so important. There’s no one way to cope. There’s no one way to build resilience or fortitude. It’s life’s work.’ writes Marc Brackett from Yale University Centre for Emotional Intelligence in the Foreword to this book.

Coping in Good Times and Bad showcases many sound strategies, personal stories, and words of wisdom from a highly experienced psychologist and scholar. It is a very accessible, practical, and engaging resource that will be of tremendous benefit to adults, adolescents, and children alike’

Andrew Martin NSW

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Print – radio – TV-  – podcast University of Melbourne, Pursuit articles: Teaching Children to Cope Parents Coping with VCE

Forthcoming Publication

FRYDENBERG, E., DEANS, J. & LIANG, R. (2020). Social and Emotional Wellbeing: COPE Resilience Program for Preschoolers.

Frydenberg, Deans and Liang present a thoughtfully designed child centred programme of learning activities appropriate for children aged four to eight years, with modifications for three year olds.  The target audience of early childhood teachers, well placed to provide leadership in nurturing young children’s empathy and prosocial skills, will welcome its user-friendly format in adapting it for their specific context. in locating Social and Emotional Wellbeing: COPE Resilience Program for Preschoolers within the innovative pedagogy and programs at the world renown Early Learning Centre at the University of Melbourne, affirms the authentic impact of this values-based resilience platform. The authors are congratulated for their initiative in producing an effective learning resource that can boost young children’s social and emotional wellbeing through resilience. In a rapidly evolving world, dominated by uncertainty and conflict, we can all benefit from fostering resilience amongst our youngest citizens.

Macquarie University
Manjula Waniganayake PhD
Professor of Early Childhood
Macquarie School of Education
Faculty of Arts
Macquarie University

From little things big things grow

Update- Adolescent Coping Spanish version on the way 2020

Adolescent Coping: Promoting Resilience and Well-Being (Adolescence and Society)

Update-eBook - Springer - Top 25% readership in 2018

Teaching Your Child To Cope

Stress is part of everyday life and coping is how we deal with stress. But just as there are stresses that are particular to different contexts and stages of development, so is coping contextually, culturally and developmentally determined…… Read More


Teachning your child to cope